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World Beer Awards 2019




"Great appearance, crystal clear.Lovely grains on the nose with some cereals. Sweet on body with fruity notes.Light astringency in the finish, dry. Lovely. Overall easy drinking, not complicated."
Pale Beer
Brewery Palm (part of Swinkels Family Brewers Belgium)

Previous awards

Bronze Medal2017
Silver Medal2017
Country Winner2017
Country Winner2017
Gold Medal2017
Europe Bronze2014
Europe's Best Belgian Style Tripel2013
Belgium - Wood Aged Beer - Silver Medal2016
Belgium - Wood Aged Beer - Gold Medal2015
Europe's Best Wood Aged2014
Belgium's Best Helles / Münchner2016
Europe's Best Helles / Munchner2015
Belgium's Best Helles / Munchner2015
Europe Silver2014
Belgium - Belgian Style Blonde - Gold Medal2016
World's Best Flavoured Beer2016
World's Best Oud Bruin2016
World's Best Fruit & Vegetable Flavoured Beer2016
Belgium's Best Oud Bruin2016
Belgium's Best Fruit & Vegetable Flavoured Beer2016
Belgium - Oud Bruin - Bronze Medal2016
Belgium - Fruit & Vegetable Flavoured Beer - Gold Medal2016
World's Best Flavoured Beer2015
World's Best Vintage Dark Beer2015
World's Best Fruit Flavoured Beer2015
Europe's Best Vintage Dark Beer2015
Europe's Best Fruit Flavoured Beer2015
Belgium's Best Vintage Dark Beer2015
Belgium's Best Fruit Flavoured Beer2015
Belgium - Oud Bruin - Gold Medal2015
Belgium - Oud Bruin - Bronze Medal2015
Belgium - Fruit Flavoured Beer - Silver Medal2015
World's Best Vintage Dark Beer2014
Europe's Best Vintage2014
Europe Gold2014
Europe Silver2014
World's Best Oud Bruin2013
Europe's Best Oud Bruin2013
Europe's Best Fruit Flavoured Beer2013
World's Best Ale2011
World's Best Dark Ale2011
World's Best Old / Vintage / Oud Bruin2011
Europe's Best Old / Vintage / Oud Bruin2011
World's Best Flavoured Dark Ale2010
Europe's Best Flavoured Dark Ale2010
Belgium - Belgian Style Dubbel - Silver Medal2016
Belgium - Belgian Style Tripel - Bronze Medal2016
Belgium's Best Belgian Style Dubbel2015
Europe Bronze2014
Europe Bronze2014
Europe Silver2013

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